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Something in my room is wrong

Is it urgent (will you not be able to live there)? If so, call Mikka or Chrys or see if Mikka or Chrys are in the building. If it is not urgent, meaning it can wait a few hours, then open a ticket on the ticketing system.

I can not get into my safe

Remove the small front plate. There is a number on the key hole. Open a ticket with this number, and we'll get the key to open your safe. Note: the keys aren't accessible easily, this is by design, since we don't want anyone to be able to get into your safe. So this will take a little while to procure the key and get it to you.

The Washer/Dryer or any other machine in the building took my money

Open a ticket with the amount and what happened. We'll get the money back to you once the money store is emptied and counted.

I expect mail or a package, and it did not arrive

Mail: did you add your room number to the address? In either case, see Mikka or Chrys and we'll check in the office for orphaned mail, that is mail that did not have a room number on it, and for newly arrived mail.

Packages: there is no one receiving packets 24/7 at u.city. Again, see Mikka or Chrys and we'll check for a delivery notice. Normal postal packages are always held at the post office in Nicosia, UPS and DHL usually call the number on the packet before delivering.

I have a problem with another resident (or noise)

Contact Mikka. If you have a problem with Mikka, contact Chrys when you see him.

I would like to reserve the common room table or TV for a specific time/evening

Do two things: contact Mikka, so he can hang up "reserved" messages and check if the rooms have not been reserved before. Also, please ensure that the maximum COVID occupancy will not be exceeded.

I would like to get a parking lot in the basement

Please open a ticket. Make sure you have your room number and a personal contact phone number in the ticket.

I would like to get a freezer installed

Please open a ticket. Purchase the freezer (Rolls has a few good ones, is next door, and delivers). Amend the ticket with the power use of the freezer (from the manual). Give us a few hours, and it'll be installed. It's advisable to find other residents who want to share the freezer with you (use WhatsApp) and to get a combination lock that can be attached to the freezer.

Does Amazon deliver to Cyprus?

Yes! Your best bet (after Brexit) is to use the amazon.de site. You can set it to English or Greek. US Amazon will take forever, amazon.de sometimes manages next day or two day deliveries. Get Prime for even better service.