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If you are new to Cyprus and do not speak Greek, this island may seem daunting for a bit. Some people just remain in their groups of friends and never leave the comfort of that, but believe me that this is the worst thing you can do. You have a chance at experiencing an island that is rich in culture, history, and things to see, and to live the life that many Instagram influencers fake.

First, there's Nicosia. We have a page just for that city.

Map of Cyprus

Along the southern coast of Cyprus, you find a number of towns, all worth a visit or six

  • Larnaca (2)
  • Agia Napa (1)
  • Limassol (3)
  • Paphos (4)

In addition, there are the Troodos Mountains (5) and the "North (6)," the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus, which is always worth a visit and (you need a Rapid Test and a passport and can't drive a car across) pretty simple to get to.


A nice seaside town which you probably flew into when you came here. 40 minutes by car, an hour by bus. The seaside promenade is a good start to visit, but don't be afraid to Tripadvisor some places away from the water for food. Clubs are plenty (get a room) and if you're up for a swim you won't be disappointed.

Agia Napa

The "perpetual spring break" town. Touristy, and so are the prices and the people you meet. More clubs than anything else, the restaurants aren't anything to write home about (and expensive, because tourists), but if you want a nice swim, just head east along the coast to see the Natural Caves and Cavo Greko. Konnos beach has less tourists and better water, don't miss out on the Cyclops Cave when you're there.


An industrial town with an OK beach and some clubs. The least favorite of everyone we asked.


Go up the coast a bit to Coral Bay for swimming and watersports. Paphos is a nice city with great clubs and bars. Check out the "Tomb of the Kings."