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Ok, this is one of the hardest pages to write. Because it's complicated.

Generally speaking, is a residence, not dorms. As such, we're basically like every other multi-tenant house in Nicosia. is located in a residential neighborhood with neighbors on all three sides. But, technically, everyone living at is your neighbor too. You're the tenant, since you signed the contract. Not your parents, not someone else, not, you are.

Cyprus law is simple: noise after 10pm on weekdays (Sun-Thur) is prohibited after 10pm. Noise on the weekends (Fri-Sat) is prohibited after midnight. Before that, the law says you have to be "considerate" but does not specify what that means.

For us this means:

  • After 10pm on weekdays and after midnight on weekends, we have to do two things:
    • Inform the neighbors if it gets louder after midnight/10pm
    • Inform everyone at

Mikka or another preceptor will generally inform the neighbors if there are parties. Which is why it says "inform Mikka" if you plan on having one. Not because we're a jail or a dorm, but because Mikka can make sure no one calls the cops on you.

We use WhatsApp to inform everyone in the house. And that's basically it. Every one of your 75 neighbors (73 other residents plus 2 neighbors) can technically say no to noise after midnight on weekends.

So, in general

  • Announced parties will communicate what kind of agreement we have come to with our neighbors. Sometimes that's "go party until sunrise" and sometimes that's "go inside to keep partying after 12/1/2..."
  • Unannounced gatherings outside need to end at 10pm or midnight respectively. Just sitting outside and drinking or playing cards is cool whenever, but when the noise exceeds room noise or so, you need to reign it in or move inside.

What happens when we don't?

Well, from experience... someone will call the cops and/or me. The cops will fine everyone. This is an individual thing, since you're the tenant, you'll pay. Usually it's between 500€ and 1200€ fine, split between everyone they find, depending on how late and how nice the cop is.