From u.city wiki

Welcome to u.city.

By now, you might have noticed, that this residence is not like others. Not only is it more modern and has nicer rooms, it's also a community of sorts.

The first people to come to u.city were partially second and third year students, who'd hated it in their old residences. No one spoke to anyone, even if you met your neighbor in the hallway or elevator, barely a nod was all that happened. And, frankly, some people like it that way. But for others, there's u.city.

Then came the global Pancake and with it lockdowns and online classes. This made our little community even more important. Instead of feeling the walls close in on you, you could meet with others in the building (we all have the same address, so this is OK) and have some semblance of an active social life.

Our common rooms and courtyard are frequent gathering places for social interaction. The pool table and table tennis are additional hot spots. Almost every evening there will be a laughter on one or more balconies, we have clubs and we consider each other friends, not just neighbors.

To some, this might be scary or unknown. Male, female, very young or pretty damn old, Muslims, Jews, Christians, all colors of skin, lesbian and gay residents, a mix of everything the world will ever throw at you, once you leave university. In a sense, u.city is about as rich, wonderful, and sometimes odd as the world. And because we're a community, you will probably meet and interact with them all.

We're self-governed to a point. Our preceptors take great care to be there for you if you need anything, from advice to a door opened because you left your key inside. They're also your first contact if there are problems with other tenants, something that, even though we are a friendly bunch, can't always be avoided.

We're all excited to have you here. If you haven't already, please join the WhatsApp group. Say hi if you see anyone around, come to the tea evenings or beer evenings, depending on your likes and dislikes, we're a friendly bunch and don't bite.