Welcome (Back) Summer 2021

From u.city wiki

Welcome (Back) will take place on October 9 2021 in the courtyard and common room of u.city.


From 18:30 until whenever.


We'll have grills running from around 7. All parties at u.city are BYOB/S, meaning bring drinks and food. Enough for yourself or enough to share, both is cool, just please don't be a mooch.

After midnight, please relocate inside the common area. We don't want the cops called on us (again!).

If you want to bring people who do not live at u.city, you unfortunately need to let Mikka know. Numbers are limited and based on occupancy limits, so do this soon.

Do I need to wear a mask?

If you live at u.city, no. This is your home, the law is pretty clear there. However, anyone who does not have their residence at u.city need to wear masks indoors. Sorry, it's not fun and it's not cool, but it's the law.

Bring food?

Yes, it's unfortunately still COVID-19 restricted, so we (u.city and the organizers) can't technically "serve" alcohol or food. But if you bring your own and share among each other, you're free to do so.

Will it be loud?

Yes, it'll be party level loud. The best solution is to join us. After midnight, some comes and goes aside, things will quiet down. PLEASE if you're at the party: after midnight be considerate of the neighbors and anyone at u.city who wants/needs to sleep.

I am vegan/vegetarian/Muslim/Jewish/have an allergy...

Let whomever mans or womans the grill know. We have two grills and we will cook your things separately on a cleaned grill.


It's a party... what do you think?


60s and 70s Rock, mostly. Why? Because that was the vote are the organizing meeting. If you want your music next time, come help organize, and you can help determine the music.